Manton MI Subgun Match – April 28th 2012

Due to this years Spring Knob Creek being canceled the folks in Manton MI have stepped up to the plate and they plan on putting on an event April 28th. The info is below.

Event Location
Action Shooting Sports
1872 North Road
Manton, MI 49663
Call or e-mail for directions or any questions (pre-registration not required)

There will be 2 divisions– Iron sights and Optics for each class of weapons Semi and Subgun

Match fee will be $20 for the first run, $15 for the second run, only the first run in a class will count in the standings.

4 or 5 stages, round count around 200+ per run, bring extra
Semi-auto shooters bring 150+ per run, bring extra

All subgun and carbine matches 380 and above pistol only.
No steel core, tracers, incendiary and armor piercing. Straight walled pistol caliber only no 30 carbine, 300 whisper ect.

Shooters are responsible for having all necessary NFA paperwork.

There will be a range to shoot other guns so bring some of your toys and have fun.