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BulletHose.com is dedicated to the many fans of the competitive shooting sports with a focus on submachine gun competition. The goal of bullethose.com is to help promote the sport of subbmachine gun competition. We are also trying to help create a unified rule set and standard operating procedures for subgun competitors, range officers, stage designers and event coordinators. We exist for the betterment of the sport.

Submachine gun competitions are one of the lesser known disciplines of the competitive shooting sports world. Although arguably one of the most exciting sports to participate in and to spectate, since the 1980’s these competitions have escaped the attention of most firearm enthusiasts and competitors. Similar to other competitive shooting sports such as USPSA, IDPA or IPSC , subgun competitions are safe, fun and challenging for all ages and skill levels.

We welcome you to explore the world of submachine gun competitions if you are not already involved in the sport. There are many videos and discussions on the forums as well numerous videos on Youtube and other video services if you search for “subgun competition”.

Semi-Auto Shooters Welcome
In recent years several local and state level matches have begun to allow semi-auto firearms of pistol caliber to be used in the semi-automatic class (and compete for their own trophies and prizes!) and shoot along side the full auto competitors on the same course of fire.
Why bullet hose?
Bullet Hose is being used as a bit of friendly sarcasm since it is a popular misconception that machine guns are “bullet hoses” and spray bullets at uncontrollable rates. A quick view of some of the subgun competition videos will cure that thinking fairly quickly.

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