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Welcome to Bullethose.com! Please read before posting.

Post by todd » Wed Oct 18, 2006 11:12 am

Welcome to BulletHose.com!

Why are we here?
BulletHose.com is dedicated to the many fans of the competitive shooting sports with a focus on submachine gun competition. The goal of the website is to help create a unified rule set and standard operating procedures for subgun competitors, range officers, stage designers and event coordinators. We believe that we can accomplish this goal through the use of technology, mutual respect, and the lessons learned from the shooting sports of new and old. Our primary goal is to ensure a safe environment for all competitors, range staff, and spectators. Our second goal is to see exactly how much fun we can have and how far we can push the sport of subgun competitions while following a standardized rule set.

We need YOUR input
For this endeavor to work we need the collective voice of subgun experience to help guide our path. If you feel you can contribute in a positive way please do so. We need constructive criticism and support. If you point out something you see a a short fall please offer your ideas on possible solutions, do not just shoot down others ideas. Remember the goal here is to find the smallest set of rules which can act as a foundation for safe shooting. The end result of our work may be multiple small publications each geared toward a certain subject. Possible publications may be a

Event Coordinator / Range officer manual
Competitor guidelines to safe and fair competition
Stage designer suggestions and examples (including prop construction and implementation ideas)

As with all cooperative ventures there will be points where opinions differ and things get heated. This is a natural part of any communication process and is normal. Personal attacks will not be tolerated so when things get heated please make the most intelligent argument possible and keep name calling and personal jabs out of it. Agree to disagree and diffuse the situation.

Why bullet hose?
Bullet Hose is being used as a bit of friendly sarcasm since it is a popular misconception that machine guns are "bullet hoses" and spray bullets at uncontrollable rates. A quick view of some of the subgun competition videos will cure that thinking fairly quickly.

BulletHose.com is a work in progress
BulletHose.com and the content within is a work in progress. If you see anything which you feel needs fixing including spelling and grammar mistakes, graphical choices or anything at all please let us know.

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