Painting procedures and paper replacement

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Painting procedures and paper replacement

Post by todd » Wed Nov 01, 2006 9:15 am

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I think we need to figure out at what point do we need to replace paper targets and repaint steel so shooters have the same presentation on the steel and have no advantage by shooting where the tape is on paper.

I know from experience in shade with only 6 or so shooters hitting a steel array they can blend into the shadows and become hard to see for those with less than perfect vision. The bullet strikes act to break up the solid image of the target and camouflage it fairly well.

So the question is as an RO or event coordinator is there some threshold we can establish which says something like

Paint each steel target once per every X number of shooters
Change paper targets once X percent of the visible target face has been shot and pasted

Also do we regulate tape color to match the paper target color?

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Post by SubGunFan » Sun Nov 19, 2006 9:04 am


While I think we all agree that painting shoot steel for every shooter is almost out of the question due to time and labor issues, I have seen a match (ISSMC), pictures, and videos were I thought the shoot steel had way too many hits since the last painting.

I would say re-paint shoot steel every 3 to 4 shooters.

Paper targets are a little different... As long as the pasters are sticking good and not covering most of the scoring lines, I say they are still good to go. Paper target replacement is basically a judgement call.....

I think paster color should match target color. However, I think there are only 3 colors of pasters available (brown, white, black). I see no problem putting a white paster on the red "X" of a no-shoot, but I don't think brown pasters on black hard cover looks good. If you want to "color code" (yellow, blue, etc.) paper targets to designate engagement, I suggest that only the heads are painted (not the whole target). That way the brown pasters will still disappear on most of the target.


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