A place to introduce yourself. Tell us a bit about your interests in firearms, competition and what you have done and wish to do in the world of the competitive shooting sports.
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Post by mp40gunner » Tue Jun 12, 2007 2:41 pm


My name is Cain M. Grocox. I've been into guns my whole life and got the bug from my father. We did Civil War Reenacting all through high school. After college and son getting out of grade school I got into WW2 reenacting and do German and Russian. I try to go to 8-9 of them per year.

I shot my first NFA at 16 and was hooked. After college I bought my MP40 in 1993 and then started selling Title 1 for Class 3.

I've been going to Knob Creek since 1992 and have only missed the Machine Gun New special shoot due to a severe MC wreck.

Bob, Dave Bane, Tim Sterret and I started the ISSMC 6 years ago to help put on an event in Indiana that guys would like to attend. Since then, we have added JT and CJ Roberts to help Dave, Tim, and I. ISSMC with the subgun match at the Creek has introduced me to so many nice and upstanding people from so many different states and backrounds.

I love to shoot period (pistols, NFA, high power, muzzleloader, archery) and build guns (AK's, Krink, SBR semi PPSH41, 1919 semi, MG42 semi, and I'm working on a Vickers and Maxim 1910 semi).
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Post by todd » Tue Jun 12, 2007 3:06 pm

Welcome to bullet hose Cain. It's great having you on board and I it was wonderful to meet you over the weekend. I hope to get some trigger time on an MP40 sometime in this life.. That C&R gun at the ISSMC was beautiful.

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Welcome Cain!

Post by smkummer » Fri Jun 15, 2007 2:08 pm

From Mike Kummer, thanks for all the work on the ISSMC matches.

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