History of chili

A place to introduce yourself. Tell us a bit about your interests in firearms, competition and what you have done and wish to do in the world of the competitive shooting sports.
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History of chili

Post by chili17 » Wed Nov 01, 2006 2:32 am

Your first name or nickname: Chris
How long you have been in subgun competition if at all? 3-4yrs
How long you have owned a firearm? 24yrs, since I was 9
What got you interested in the shooting sports? Father
What is your history in the shooting sports? See below
Where do you shoot? Private land
What firearms you own, have owned or would love to own? Some of this, some of that. I am a 1911 freak though.

Well lets see. I grew up around firearms. My father
is a part time gunsmith and has been since his early
20s while in college. Basicaly that means a lot of
stuff was coming in and out and my brother and I got
to play with most of it. As for NFA stuff we grew up
shooting BARs,mp40s, stens, Swede Ks ect. Mostly WW2
stuff that my dad would build for C2s. Well then the
1986 ban came into effect (I was 12) and that ended

Around 16 I started shooting competitavly. Highpower
siluhetta and IPSC mostly. Then a few years later I
got into IDPA for awhile, but found alot of the rules
counter productive.

Flashforward- I purchased a few nfa firearms and
started to ask around about any formal or informal
matches and their were none that anyone knew about
exept for KC. I kept telling all my nfa buddies that
someone should look into this and get one set up in
the metroplex. Well after about a year they suggested
that since I won't shut up about it I should do it. I
shoot on private land so having it there was out of
the question (don't want people to know where it is,
liability, trees shot down, ect) so I needed to find a
range. No public or private range I could find would
allow me to come in a do a MG match. After some time
passed with no luck I was about to give up on it when
it came time to renew my chl(concealed handgun lic.).
It was then I was introduced to a range that I never
knew existed.

Hello Magnum Sports Center! After we shot our quals
for the state I pulled the owner aside and asked him
about his range. He said he did allow MG fire and his
rules were simple. Don't shoot the cows, shut the
gate, take your trash with you and don't light the
place on fire. We set up a tenative date for a match
right then about 4 months away.

Having shot in pistol competition most of my adult
life I knew reset time was important so that is what I
strived for. I also hated counter productive rules,
like stuff that could get you killed in real life.
Stuff like don't reload on the move, shoot to slide
lock (empty) before you can reload, static shooting
ect. I saw a chance for me to start fresh and change
some of that.

Materials. I wanted to keep it simple at first until
I could see how much interest their was. I went to
Lowes and bought 2x4s, 1x2s, 11/2 inch pvc,staplers
and masking tape. Then I orederd a couple of pact
timers and some IPSC targets. After making all the
target stands it was time to start on the stages, then
it dawned on me I had no formal experiance with this
stuff and I might need some help.

Hello Internet! I posted some questions on Subguns
and UZITALK stating that I was trying to get some nfa
matches started in TX and if anybody had some ideas.
The response was pretty good. I don't want to name
names (because I am sure I would forget some people,
including some dirtball in vegas!), but the guys that
set up alot of the big state matches called and
emailed me stage designs, sign in and score sheets
ect. They gave me some great stuff to work off of and
some ideas that I would have never thought of.

Next to get the word out. I made flyers and took them
to local gun ranges/shops, CIII dealers and posted the
info on some nfa websites.

I had about 15 people show and with the help of my
brother and father the first match took about 8hrs to
get through and I was beat. Not one persons gun ran
right all day, people did not have enough ammo and
mags. Some people could not clear malfuntions and
their buddies would try and help, it was just chaos.
Something had to change....me. I was letting it happen
so I had to fix it. The result? after the next match
alot of those people quite coming back.

Very little has changed. I used to let people shoot
whatever they wanted as long as they could control it.
Well that changed when we started to use steel and
then I switched it to smg only. Everything has become
much more streamlined and a average match with 4
stages takes about 4 hours to run.

Attendance has slowly been going up. I average about
17 people and 22 guns (some people shoot two guns or 2
classes). I keep the matches bi monthly because that
is all I really want to do them. Unless attendance
doubles to justify having monthly.

My driving force? I like competition and shooting.
It is pretty much that simple. I can shoot by myself
allday, but that does not show how i stack up against
other people under some pressure. I get to meet and
see cool new people every couple of months and see and
shoot some stuff that no else gets to. My brother is
a pretty big factor to. He helps alot with the set
up, timing, scoring ect. Because of the matches he
has gotten into NFA and is building a nice little
collection for himself.

I go checkout other nfa matches when I can. I shot a
steel challenge in Houston about a year ago (I won by
3/10ths of a second) which was fun. I really plan on
taking some time off and hitting some matches inother
states this year (i say this every year). It does
look like some other guys are trying to set up some
matches In surrounding cities so we might get a chance
to compete some more.

Does that answer your questions? Let me know if you
need more. Please feel freed to do whatever you want
with this.


Chris Hipes

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