Valentine’s day theme subgun match 2-12-12

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Valentine’s day theme subgun match 2-12-12

Post by VegasSMG » Sat Mar 31, 2012 9:56 pm

Photos, an additional video, etc, can be found at the link below. ... h-02-12-12
Results of SubMachine Gun Match 02/12/12

The weather started out cool but warmed up, then turned nasty. We had the largest turnout ever recorded for this shoot. This was a Subgun only match and we had a special Valentine’s day theme. A special “Thompson Class” was added for those who brought out the “Chicago Typewriters.” Jane also made up special “Heart” targets and chocolate hearts were given as prizes. The shooter started with the Subgun in the low ready position and had to sweep the pins and paper targets. The shooter then moved to another position and took out a heart shaped array of steel targets. The range was reset for the second stage. A two man team event followed the main match that was designed after the events that happened in that famous garage in Chicago on Valentines day. Next month we will have our annual Bowling Pin free for all. This match is open to Belt-Fed, Full Auto Assault Rifles and Subguns. All you have to do is knock down 25 bowling pins in the fastest time possible. The match will on March 11th 2012. I will send out a reminder before the match. Setup at 0800. Match at 0900. Be sure and visit our website at for pictures of the match.



Tom Wright Max 31 31.00 1st “A”
Andy Wade M16 9mm 34.53
Ben Post MP5 43.07
Gary Pfaff UZI 45.62 1st “B”
Irv Falkoff STG43 47.25
Craig Jackson MP5 53.08
George McAlpine STEN 55.37
Sam Salvo STEN 58.13 1st “C”
Tim East MP5 68.29
Nells Segel M16 78.32
Otto Matic UZI 79.62
Chris Whitman UZI 82.02


Ben Post MP5 40.92 1st “A”
Dave White MP40 53.09
Wyatt Rakich Sterling 59.70
Mike Crowder Sterling 59.91
Johnny Dodson STEN 60.41 1st “B”
Carl Starkey Sterling 61.50
Doug Rakich Sterling 64.14
Matt Peers Sterling 65.22
Matt Adams UZI 67.71
Chris Clark Suomi 80.15 1st “C”
Summer Golia Sterling 83.30
Tony Scappa Sterling 90.64
Nells Segel UZI 148.13
Larry Cicoria Sterling DNF
Marlon Biscoe Sterling DNF


Irv Falkoff BUZZY 31.35 1st “A”
Jane Dee PEE WEE 34.54
Jack Wylie Sr. LJ 37.16
Johnny Dodson Norrell 43.95


Robin Lancaster Thompson 34.66 1st “A”
John Wylie Jr. Thompson 38.94
Jack Wylie Sr. Thompson 60.08
Dave White M1A1 61.75
Mike Kebles Thompson 64.23
Andy Wade Thompson 89.33
George McAlpine M1A1 95.46
Etsuo Morohoshi Thompson DNF


1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th
4.51 4.68 4.95 8.28 8.76 10.00 10.18
George Tim Robin Sam Andy Mike Gary
Dave Ben Irv Craig Otto Tom Johnny
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Re: Valentine’s day theme subgun match 2-12-12

Post by todd » Sat Apr 07, 2012 2:05 pm


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