Left side shooting with a bullpup

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Left side shooting with a bullpup

Post by Garrett » Fri Aug 16, 2013 7:39 pm

One of the stages at the recent Michigan subgun match required the shooter to engage some targets around the left side of a barricade, left handed (with the buttstock on the left shoulder), and reengage right handed around the right side of the barricade.

I shot a similar stage at KCR a few years ago with a left hand / right hand portion of the stage.

As a match director, how would you handle this if a shooter showed up with a bullpup subgun? Often, if fired left-handed, the ejection port would launch the brass right into the shooter's face. Distracting at best, dangerous at the worst. (It's all fun and games until someone gets their eye poked out by a hot piece of brass).

Maybe it's not an issue, as there are so few bullpup subgun designs out there. But I've heard of the occasional AUG 9mm at the Creek. And with all the cool uppers for various guns coming out, it might not be that far off when someone starts producing a bullpup design for one of the existing platforms out there.

Actually, I've got a cool idea for a bullpup Reising stock, which is what prompted the question. But I lack a machine shop, tooling, skills, etc.

Just a thought I had kicking around.

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Re: Left side shooting with a bullpup

Post by Paul Winters » Tue Aug 20, 2013 6:41 am

I guess my first thought would be whether the shooter was familiar with their firearm. I would expect a shooter to have a plan on how to shoot his/her subgun from the left or weak side (as well as right side if being a lefty) as it is a part of the competition. I have several left handed (not right) friends and they experience all kinds of issue shooting some subguns left handed from brass (some older m16 designs) to residue blast from many open bolt guns. One friend's solution is to shoot with a clear full face shield. We have had matches where the shooter was against a barricade and brass bounced all over the shooter. It was a definite distraction, but I considered it a part of the match. As a RO, I am focused on gun transition as some shooter don't practice weak back to strong and I prefer to do this at the end of the stage. Eye protection is required and, other than carrying a spare face shield, I guess I would expect the shooter to have a solution for using his/her subgun of choice. I am reluctant to not allow a subgun unless it is unsafe mechanically. Other than advising the shooter of the situation and recommending more eye protection, I am not sure what else to do. Suggestions?

Paul : -)#

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Re: Left side shooting with a bullpup

Post by todd » Wed Sep 04, 2013 9:46 pm

Man the hell up.

I carry the dubious distinction as far as I know as the only person to shoot an AUG at KCR in 9mm And it happened to be at a time where the COF deemed left shoulder for a few shots at the end.. check out my whiplash at 1:29. My buddy who owns the gun warned me about it.... seems i forgot that after the buzzer :)... It scared me, that's about it.. no damage... It can be done but it's uncomfortable

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